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to letters, and that I imay reckon on the support and appro-

bation of scholars.

As it was chiefly on financial grounds that the original proposal was wrecked, I will not ask the Curators of Libraries and Bibliophiles to subscribe for the whole series. I trust that the execution of the work and the moderate price may prove an inducement to acquire these various works

I have already made such progress in preparing a reproduction of the famous manuscript

VETUS TESTAMENTUM GRAECE Codex S a r r a v i a n u s-C o 1 b e r t i n u s Saec. V.

of which 260 pages are at Leyden, 44 in Paris and 2 at Saint-Petersburg, that I can promise the almost immediate publication of this volume with the addition of a preface by Monsieur Omont, Conservateur de la Bibliothèque Nationale at Paris. I take the liberty to enclose a doublé page as a specimen to enable you to judge of the size and execution of the work.

This work, bound in mediaeval style, will be offered at

the price of & 8.0.0.

As the number of copies cannot, for obvious reasons, be very great, it is not impossible that the price may be considerably raised after publication.

It is not my intention to adhere to the order of publication given in the following list. I reserve the right of selecting other Manuscripts if circumstances should make it desirable.

And so, commending the undertaking to your favourable consideration and energetic support,

I remain,

Yours obediently,