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33) The printing of the phototypes of the codex Sarravianus and of the Latin introduction by Mr. H. Omont happened to suffer some delay so that only in the month of December 1896 Mr. du Rieu could write his signature on the last page. Alas! this was the last work that he was able to do for this enterprise. The 21st Dec. of this year he was seemingly well and strong, but he died in the midst of his diligent labours. He was not able to have the pleasure of seeing the first product of his unfailing and disinterested work appear. Now it appeared in Jan. 1897 as his „opus posthumum," and the writer of the introduction, Mr. Omont, conservator of the manuscript department of the Paris Bibliothèque Nationale, added to it this dedication:

„Memoriae optimi et doctissimi viri Guilelmi Nicolai Du Rieu Bibliothecae Universitatis Lugduno-Batavae Praefecti meritissimi suis et amicis praemature erepti (1829—1896)."

The publisher Sijthoff, who had the enterprise of the Codices very much at heart, also suffered a great loss through the death of Dr. du Rieu as will clearly appear from what has been said above. Yet he did not lose courage, but at once entered into an engagement with Dr. Scato de Vries, the successor of Dr. du Rieu as Leyden librarian. He had worked many years under the latter as conservator of the manuscripts at Leyden and knew the whole history of the enterprise. He thought that it was his duty to continue the work of his predecessor, who had begun it with' so much enthusiasm. He began his work with the preparation of the reproduction of the Codex Bernensis 363, about which the publisher wrote in a prospectus of the 20th. March:

LEYDEN, March 20th 1897.


The great task of reproducing by photography a series of twelve of the oldest and most precious Greek and Latin