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a price which may very probably be raised after publication. In the event of your ordering a copy may I beg you to make use of the accompanying order-form.

At the same time I venture to point out to you the great importance of this undertaking. The world is beginning to appreciate the fact that photographic reproductions of the treasures of Antiquity and of the Middle-ages are of the highest value. Such possessions are no longer the luxury of the amateur, they are almost indispensable to the critical study of palseography. Such reproductions alm st completely supply the place of the originals, and might even replace them in the event of their being destroyed, a danger against which the utmost care may fail to preserve them. By these means we at any rate secure to posterity an exact copy of what we are so fortunate as to possess. To make this publication in every way serviceable to scientific students, each volume may be purchased separately; there is no need to subscribe beforehand to the whole series of twelve Codices.

For my part, I have the whole set in view; and with the firm purpose of reproducing all the most famous and precious manuscripts, I hope for the support of all who take an interest in such matters, so that by the happy co-operation of Learning with the printer's art the work may be brought to such an issue as shall not merely satisfy the Savants of our own day, but be of value to posterity.

With regard to the volumes to be subsequently published, of which I g&ve a provisional list in my last year's prospectus, I shall have the honour to inform you later. It may however be stated at once that some of the manuscripts formerly included must be replaced by others, the owners having decided to reproduce them on their own account. This is the case, especially with the Florentine MS. of Aeschylus, which is to be brought out under the auspices of the Italian Minister of Education and the superintendence of the Bibliotheca Laurenziana.