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These celebrated Medicean MSS., the recognised authority for TACITUS Annales et Historia, are of such high value to critical students of ancient texts that it is unnecessary to insist on the importance of this reproduction. I 'may congratulate myself on being able to include so remarkable a work in this series, and to announce at the same time that its value will be enhanced by an Introduction in Latin from the pen of Prof. Enrico Rostagno, the distinguished Curator of the Laurentian Library, already finished for Part I and to be written, I hope, for Part II: Cod. Med. 68, I et II.

Since the publication, early last year, of Part VII of the Codices Graeci et Latini, a longer time has elapsed than I could have wished; but this was unavoidable and not till now could I announce the appearance of Part VIII:


Codex Ambrosianus H. 57 inf.

which will be ready for issue in the month of March. The cause of the delay I wish to explain to you.

While preparing the photographic plates of the illustrated Codex at M i 1 a n, I received information that the Directors of the Vatican Library intended to bring out a reproduction of the illuminated MS. (3868) of Terentius, which is preserved there. In agreement with Professor B e t h e (Basle) I decided to avail myself of this singularly favourable coincidence, and to produce a work of the highest value, not only for the study of the Ambrosian MS., but also for that of illuminated copies of Terentius, in general.

To this end a number of photographs were made from all the known MSS. of Terentius; including the well known Paris Codex (7899); the two M.S.S. in Leiden (Voss. L. Q. 38. and Lipsii 26); the Codex at Oxford (Bodl. Auct. F, 2.13; Bentle's Codex Dunelmesis) hitherto quite un-