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Codex Vindobonensis Lat. 15 praefatus est Carolus .Wessely

which is in active preparation, will be pulished very shortly afterwards as vol. XI.

The high importance of this Unial-codex of the 5th century requires but a passing mention. As the many learned studies and numerous editions testify, vide Kopitar, Madvig, Vahlen, Giltbauer, Heraeus a. s. o. this Codex forms the only authentic source for the 5th Decade (11. 41—45) of Livius' historical work. The Codex has been for many years one of the greatest treasures of the K. K. Hofbibliothek in Vienna and was formely in the possession „Theuberti episcopi de Dorostat" (Wijkbij-Duurstede) and afterwards preserved in the Monastery of Lorsch (Codex Laurisharmensis). In 1531 Frobenius in Basle published therefrom, copied by Grynaeus, the Editio Princeps, with a preface of Des. Erasmus. This first research on the Codex was followed by many other studies and the Manuscript has been critically examined by various experts not only with regard to its text, but also as the basis of several palaeographical studies. Hence its fame. An exact reproduction in phototypie wil be welcomed by the many philologists and palaeographists who recognise its value to them in their researches.

I have to acknowledge my indebtedness to Professor C .WESSELY of Vienna for the Latin introduction to this edition and to put on record the pleasure I feel in being entrusted with the publication of this result of his many years labour.

It is needless to insist on the usefulness of those reproductions. Scholars can use these with the same results as if they consulted the original Manuscripts. I need only refer, and that with good reason, to the value of the reproductions with regard to the preservation of the