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irreplacable originals. Bad as it was, the fire in the Turin Library would not have been so disastrous to students if reproductions of its many priceless treasures were in existence. The support of learned Societies etc. is therefore looked to with confidence.

The value of reproducing works of this nature was forcibly pointed out at the Chicago Congress of Librarians in 1895 and the congratulation of the authorities for works previous published by me lead me to believe that I shall have the hearty support of the learned classes in this undertaking.

The work of photographing the originals is not without difficulties as it is impossible to remove them from their place, but I must say that experts who have seen some early copies of the work are enthusiastic about the exactness with which the Manuscript has been reproduced.

The price has been fixed as low as possible in order to bring this Codex within the reach of as many Libraries etc. as possible.

The edition is of course limited and owing to the very heavy cost of reproduction a second 'edition cannot be expected. Learned Societies etc. will therefore do well to inscribe their names without delay. On this occasion I draw attention to the fact that it is not at all necessary to subscribe for all the different volumes, but that each volume may be purchased separately.

It is with a feeling of security that I embarked upon this enterprise, counting on the approval and support of all lovers of Philology and Palaeography. Their help has been generously given in the past and I look forward with confidence to the steady continuation of this series of Codex-reproductions. I shall be glad to hear from any Academy, Museum, Library etc. wishing to purchase the whole series or single volumes.