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generally shorter and need not be written in Latin. The writers are free to use their own language or to choose the language which seems the most desirable for each part.

More supplementary parts are in preparation. It will soon be possible to make further announcements concerning them.

Besides these two series of the „Codices" and the Supplementary parts there was begun an other reproduction of great magnitude, which, it is true, does not exactly belong to this enterprise, but yet is connected with it and, in a sense, originated from it; at least it would never have been brought about but for the Leyden enterprise.

When, namely, the negotiations concerning the permission for the reproduction of the Homer-Codex (Tom. VI) were being carried on at Venice, the librarian there, Mr. S. Morpurgo, declared that he was not unwilling to collaborate, but that he, on his part, wanted to avail himself of this opportunity to enter into relations with the Dutch publisher. He wanted to obtain from the latter what he had as yet been unable to obtain from Italian publishers. The execution of his long-cherished plan of reproducing in the full splendour of their colours the delightful miniatures of the Breviarium Grimani, one of the greatest treasures of the library of S. Marco and one of the most famous illuminated MSS. of the Flemish school, had still been prevented by the enormous expense connected with such a publication. NoW this seemed to him a good opportunity of gaining the Leyden publisher to his plan.

The latter was not deterred by the great expense, but he would not form a resolution before making sure that it would be possible to produce, by means of colour-photography, facsimiles that could satisfy the highest requirements. He applied to the well-known art institute of Mr. Alb. Frisch at Berlin, who had already been highly successful in this regard. When, after numerous experiments the latter had proved to be able to produce something excellent, it was decided that, under the joint direction of Messrs. Morpurgo and de Vries, the whole of the extensive