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But when the work was going to( be done, and it appeared necessar> not only tö have and to keep the photographic copies, but also the glass negatives, the directions whom this concerned put forward such difficult conditions, that it seemed as if the whole enterprise were going to fail, and only the firm intention of causing these manuscripts to appear made it possible toi publish the reproductions in spite af the conditions. These conditions, however, made the enterprise very difficult, and made the prices much higher than was planned in the beginning; for example, besides the sixteen presentation copies of the Tacitus reproductions themselves, three complete sets of all the six parts, which had appeared before, had to be given gratis to the Laurentian Library at Florence.

As the permission to reproduce MSS. was not always easy to get, it was often necessary to make more or less considerable sacrifices, which, owing to the limited number of subscribers, made the prices higher. This fact seems to be overlooked by some who complain of the high price of a publication. If they assert that the prices could be much lower, they moreover base this assertion on information given them by phototypists, which is not always correct. In calculating their prices those phototypists generally start from the assumption that they can keep the object to be reproduced for a long time in their own studio, and that they can do the photographing there, together with their other work. This, however, is almost always impossible in the case of these MSS. They are on no account allowed to leave the place where they are preserved. Generally, expensive journeys or installations are necessary for making the photographs, or, in some cases, the Directors of the libraries appoint one photographer, who is well-known to them, and who is the onlty one allowed to do the work. He can ask a higher pricé for his work than would have to be paid if there were free competition, or if there were a contract for work during many years.

If all these circumstances are taken into account, it will be seen that it was not possible to charge smaller prices than at present; at least, if we are to work independently, without