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Kuyper organized a caucus of the orthodox consistory members of the Amsterdam church to confer on all matters to be brought before the consistory, to insure united action of the Calvinistic party. He also brought about that the regents or rulers of the different Reformed institutions of mercy in Amsterdam were chosen from among the orthodox.

While in Utrecht Dr. Kuyper had become acquainted with Wm. Groen van Prinsterer, and soon became his foremost follower. Mr. Groen was the gifted and noble leader of the anti-revolutionary party of the Netherlands. This political organization stands for the application oftheprinciples of the Bible to all spheres of life. lts name indicates its strong opposition to the principles underlying the French Revolution. Groen was a man with great statesmanlike ability but unable to influence the multitudes to flock to his Standard. He soon perceived that Kuyper was his superior in this respect and designated him as his successor. Experience has proven the accuracy of Groen's forecast. As editor-in-chief of the daily organ of the anti-revolutionary party De Standaard (since 1872) and of De Heraut, a weekly religious paper, Dr. Kuyper slowly but surely collected a large number of enthusiastic followers, especially among the common people. By his printed articles he instructed them in the principles of Calvinism, and by his speeches he electrified and inspired them to political activity. Everywhere in the land anti-revolutionary electoral clubs were formed to nominate and support candidates for the Second Chamber of the States General. In 1874 Dr. Kuyper himself became member of this body which occupies nearly the same prominent place in the Netherland government as our national house of representatives. Alas, overwork soon caused his physical breakdown and led him to resign.

In 1877 however he was able to resume his labors. And the Lord had a great work mapped out for him!