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Tijdschrift voor Neerland's Indië jrg 19, 1890 (1e deel) [volgno 5]

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either by admission of the persons named, or otherwise, to the satisfaction of the Registering-Officer of the correctness of the lists so furnished; also copies of all Rules, Orders, Instructions, By-laws and Regulations of any kind issued by the Society, or by any of its office-bearers, also statements of all payments required from members, whether in the nature of entrance money, fees, or otherwise, and of the income of the Society from whatever source derived, also copies of all engagements, obligations or promises taken or given or proposed to be taken or tendered by or to any member of the Society, and explanations of all signs and passwords used or intended to be used by the Society or any of its members; also copies or statements with explanations of all insignia, banners, paintings, drawings, writings, or other articles used or intended to be used by the Society or any of the office-bearers or members thereof, and descriptions of ceremonies if any, used or intended to be used for the purposes of the Society; and the managers shall furnish to.the Registering-Officer, for registration, information of every change, alteration or addition of or to the aforesaid particulars within seven days of every such change, alteration or addition. Provided that it shall not be necessary for any such Society to furnish particulars of any additions to its members, not being office-bearers, oftener than once in six months unless called upon by the Registering-Officer to do so. The Registering-Officer may at all times require the attendance before him, by summons in writing addressed to them, of all managers and office-bearers and members of any Society registered or required to be registered nder the provisions of section 3 of this ordinance, and may examine them as to any particulars, connected with the working of the Society, and all managers and office-bearers and members shall be bound to attend and furnish such particulars.

Any person offending against any of the provisions of