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Article 13

1. Sufficiënt sanitary accommodation, including wash basins and tub and/or shower baths, shall be provided in all ships.

2. The following minimum number of separate water closets shall be provided:

(a) in ships of under 800 tons: three; (b) in ships of 800 tons or over, but under 3,000 tons: four; (c) in ships of 3,000 tons or over: six;

(d) in ships where the radio officers or operators are accommodated in an isolated position, sanitary facilities near or adjacent thereto shall be provided.

3. National laws or regulations shall prescribe the allocation of water closets to various groups, subject to the provisions of paragraph 4 of this Article.

4. Sanitary facilities for all members of the crew who do not occupy rooms to which private facilities are attached shall be provided for each group of the crew on the folowing scale:

(a) one tub and/or shower bath for every eight persons or less; (b) one water closet for every eight persons or less; (c) one wash basin for every six persons or less:

Provided that when the number of persons in a group exceeds an even multiple of the specified number by less than one-half of the specified number this surplus may be ignored for the purpose of this paragraph.

5. When the total number of the crew exceeds 100 and in passenger vessels normally engaged on voyages of not more than four hours’ duration, consideration may be given by the competent authority to special arrangements or a reduction in the number of facilities required.

6. Gold fresh water and hot fresh water or means of heating water shall be available in all communal wash places. The competent authority, in consultation with the organisations of shipowners and/or the shipowners and with the recognised bona fide trade unions of seafarers, may fix the maximum amount of fresh water which the shipowner may be required to supply per man per day.

7. Wash basins and tub baths shall be of adequate size and constructed of approved material with a smooth surface not liable to crack, flake or corrode.

8. All water closets shall have ventilation to the open air, independently of any other part of the accommodation.