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Maandblad van de Vereeniging voor vrouwenrechten in Nederlandsch-Indië, jrg 9, 1934-1935, no 11, 01-10-1935

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League of Mothers and Educators for Peace (Commissie van Moeders en Opvoedsters, ook hier in Indië vertegenwoordigd),

International Federation of Business and Professional Women, League of Jewish Women,

World Organisation of Jewish Women,

European Federation of Soroptimist Clubs,

World's Women's Christian Temperance Union,

International Co-operative Women's Guild,

International Federation of University Women,

The National Committee on the cause and Cure of war,

Women's Polidh Organisatfions, Association des Femmes Slaves.

Het Bestuur wordt gevormd door:

Mary A. Dingman, Presidente, Kathleen Courtney, Presid. par interim., Vice-Presidenten de dames: L. Dreyfus-Barney, Rosa Manus en Laura Puffer Morgan, Secretaresse Dorothy A. Heneker en Penningmeesteresse Mevr. Clara Gutrie d'Arcis, de Presidente van het Hoofdbestuur der Wereld-Unie van de Vrouw voor de Internationale Eensgezindheid te Genève.

Naar aanleiding van de huidige internationale crisis werd bovengenoemden oproep, die we hier onvertaald laten volgen, tot de landen die in den Volkenbond vertegenwoordigd zijn, gericht:

The organized women of the world represented 'here in Genève through the Disarmanent Committee of the Women's International Organisations cannot remain silent in the face of the dangers wthich now threaten peace, justice and security. We represent 16 organisations in 56 countries and millions of women of many creeds and races.

We are concerned not only with the imminent danger or armed conflict between two States Members of the League, but also with the serious threat to the whole international organisation of peace, which

would arise if the other States Members failed to carry out their obligations. We are concerned further with the delay in grapplang with those modern economie problems which lie at the root of most of the political difficulties of the present day.

We cannot believe that the Governments in the League could now fail to fulfill the obligations which they have voluntarily undertaken and to which they have pledged their national honor. Such a failure would inevitably shake the confidence of the world in the League with all the hopes that humanity has built upon it.

We recognize that new problems call for new solutions and we earnestly hope that the League may not only prevent war, but will deal courageously and effectively with those problems of population and of acces to raw materials which have been aggravated by the failure to achieve international economie coöperation.

We therefor call upon the Governments represented in the League to respect faithfully two fundamental principles of the Covenant, namely the settlement of all dispute by peaceful means and the obligation to maintain the territorial integrity and political independence of every State Member.

Presented to the President of the sixteenth Assemibly of the League of Nations.

September 1935.

Aan Mussolini werd een telegram verzonden van den volgenden inhoud :

Your Excellency,

The eyes of the whole world are fixed on you to-day. In the name of millions of women of many countries we turn to you at this solemn hour. We see you faced with a decision which will be of supreme importance in the history of the world.