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members of the staff the immunities and facilities which may hereafter be accorded to equivalent members of the staffs of other public international organizations.

Article IX Seat

The seat of the Organization shall be determined by the Conference.

Article X Regional and Liaison Offices

1. There shall be such regional offices as the Dirèctor-General with the approval of the Conference may decide.

2. The Dirèctor-General may appoint officials for liaison with particular countries or areas subject to the agreement of the government concerned.

Article XI Reports by Members

1. Each Member nation shall communicate periodically to the Organization reports on the progress made toward achieving the purpose of the Organization set forth in the Preamble and on the action taken on the basis of recommendations made and conventions submitted by the Conference.

2. These reports shall be made at such times and in such form and shall contain such particulars as the Conference may request. ,

3. The Director-General shall submit these reports, together with analyses thereof, to the Conference and shall publish such reports and analyses as may be approved for publication by the Conference together with any reports relating thereto adopted by the Conference.

4. The Director-General may request any Member. nation to submit information relating to the purpose of the Organization.

5. Each Member nation shall, on request, communicate to the Organization, on- publication, all laws and regulations and official reports and statistics concerning nutrition, food and agriculture.