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which is not beyond the powers granted to it by this Constitution.

2. Each Member nation undertakes, insofar as it may be possible under its constitutional procedure, to aceord to the Organization all the immunities and facilities which it accords to diplomatic missions, including inviolability of premises and archives, immunity from suit, and exemptions from taxation.

3. The Conference shall make provision for the determination by an administrative tribunal of disputes relating to the conditions and terms of appointment of members of the staff.

Article XVI

Fish and Forest Products

■ 1 ^S- ^on.stitution the term „agriculture" and its derivatives mclude^ fisheries, marine products, forestry, and primary forestry

Article XVII Interpretation of Gonstitution

Any question or dispute concerning the interpretation of this Gonstitution or any international convention adopted thereunder shall be referred for determination to an appropriate international court or arbitral tribunal m the manner prescribed by rules to be adopted by the Conference.

Article XVIII Expenses

1. Subject to the provisions of Article XXV, the DirectorGeneral shall submit to the Conference an annual budget coverinc the anticipated expenses of the Organization. Upon approval of a budget the total amount approved shall be allocated amon» the Member nations in proportions determined, from time to time by the Conference. Each Member nation undertakes, subject tó the requirements of its constitutional procedure, to contribute to the Organization promptly its share of the expenses so c.etermmed.

2. Each Member nation shall, upon its acceptance of this Gonstitution, pay as its first contribution its proportion of the annual budget for the current financial year.

3. The financial year of the Organization shall be July 1 to June oO unless the Conference should otherwise determine.