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Article 40.

The Board may provide for the creation of or the uarticipation by the Organization in joint or mixed committees with other organizations and for the representation of the_ Orgatnization in committees established by such other organizations.



Article 41.

The Health Assembly or the Board may convene local, general, technical or other special conferences to consider any matter within the competence of the Orgaïiization and may providefor the representation at such conferences of international organizations and, with the consent of the government concerned, of nationail organizations, governmental or non-governmental. The manner of such representation shall be determined by the Health Assembly or the Boaird.

Article 42.

The Board may provide for representation of the Organization at conferences in which the Board considers that the Organization has an interest.



Article 43.

The location of the headquarters of the Organization shall be determined by the Health Assembly after consultation with the United Nations.


Regional arrangements.

Article 44.

(a) The Health Assembly shall from tiine to time define the geographical areais in which it is desirable to establish a regional organization.

(b) The Health Assembly may, with the consent of a majority of the Membres situated within each area so defined, establish a regional organization to meet the special needs of such area. There shall not be more than one regional organization in each region.