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(5) To pro vide for the convening of the sessions of the Conference, to formulate its rules of procedure, and to report to the Member Governments on Conference resolutions and recommendations.

Article "V.

Meetings of the Commission.

1. The Commission shall hold not less than two Commission meetings each year. It is empowered to convene and hold meetings at any time and at any plaice it may decide.

2. At all such meetings the four Co-Chairmen, or their designated alternates, shall constitute a quorum.

Article VI.

MethocL of Arriving at Decisions.

The Commission shall be empowered to determine the method of arriving at its decisions, providing that decisions other tham those relating to procedure shall not be taken without the concurrence of the respective Co-Chairmen or their designated alternates.

Article VII.

The Research Council.

The Research Council, together with such Research Committees as the Commission may establish, shall serve as an auxiliary body of the Commission with respect to scientific, technological, social and economie research for the benefit of the peoples of the Caribbean area.

Article VIII.

Composition of the Research Council.

1. The Research Council shall consist of not less than seven and not more than fifteen members who shall be appointed by the Commission having special regard to their scientific competence. At least one member of each Research Committee shall be a member of the Research Council.