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Article 10.

r™?tW+t-hstandlng anythinS contained in this Agreement anv

sneeTZ^Tireat mty graDt t0 of its nationals a F authorising that national to kill, take and treat

tionJ L tnPUrP°K0S ° ®eiei?.tlflc research subject to such restric^ tions as to number and subject to such other conditions as the Contractmg Governments thinks fit, and the killing takinoand

S Article aCCOrd+ai]ee wit1h the terms in force under

ment 6Xemp '°m the °Peration of this Agree-

6.«1,IdCb0rir„'SiGZT.Mem*5' " 'nJ teV0le • P"™"

Article 11.

Ex^entf?nle^ possiblefuse shall be made of all whales taken, human Wq fCaSf °j.whale.s °f Parts of whales intended for boiW X fee/mg ammals> the oil shall be extracted by

°f Perm TT hlu*h*\ meat (excePt the meat

^al» h!n j f ■ 8 bones other than the internal organs,

8hiP or landastltionPerS' 1 WhdeS delivered to the factory

Article 12.

aifsht" n?t at any time be taken for delivery to any °an be trPatPJ « ■ statl0n a greater number of whales than of the present A -V and m accordance with Article 11

Wlthin a neri v-7 Ff,®™, . b7 the Plant and personnel therein °f each whale thlrty"slx hours from the time of the killing

q Article 13.

catchei^sha3!"LCI!,WS °f, factolT shiPs, land stations and whale ®hall depend to aZ88'? 0n, ,terrn? such that their remuneration

t\Peeies> size and viPlfl,Cie/a ie,eXt?n,t Up°n SUch factors as the e number of the vlnl ^hales taken, and not merely upon s^n n' ea'culated h-f s,taken- and no bonus or other remure<f be Paid to the I reference to the results of their work, ®speet of any and crews of whale catchers in

Agreement. " es the takmg of which is forbidden by this

With ■ Article 14.

«* PW»»* Article, each «rrioi under its dm' ln respect of every whale

man*rJJTrif:nt of each o-Un]1P,.10n'j an accour|t showing the total er m which the°emol 8 + ni.ernher of the crew and the * tüe emolument of each of them is calculated.