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Staatsblad van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden, 1948, 01-01-1948

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5. When any matter arising out of Articles 25 or 26 is being considered by the Governing Body, the Government in question shall, if not already represented thereon, be entitled to send & representative to take part in the proceedings of the Governing 'Body while the matter is under consideration. Adequate notice of the date on which the matter will be considered shall be given to the Government in question.

Article 27.

The Members agree that, in the event of the reference of a complaint to the Commission of Enquiry under Article 26, they will each, whether directly concerned in the complaint or not, place at the disposal of the Commission all the information i» their possession which bears upon the subject matter of 11 complaint.

Article 28.

When the Commission of Enquiry has fully . oOIl.s^?r~g the complaint, it shall prepare a report embodying its finamg on all questions of fact relevant to determining the issue betwe the parties and containing such recommendations. as itthink proper as to the steps which should be taken to meet * complaint and the time within which they should be taken.

Article 29.

1. The Director-General of the International Labour shall communicate the report of the Commission of Enqu to the Governing Body and to each of the Governments c cerned in the complaint, and shall cause it to be published.

2. Each of these Governments shall within three inform the Director-General of the International Labour u ^ whether or not it accepts the recommendations contained m ^ report of the Commission; and if not, whether it propose refer the complaint to the International Court of Justice.

Article 30. _ ^

ln the event of any Member failing to take thei action rd

by paragraphs 5b, 6b or 7b I of Article 19 wi ^ to a Convention or Becommendation, any other e-r

be entitled to refer the matter to the Governing Body- ^

event of the Governing Body finding that there has bee a failure, it shall report the matter to the Conference.