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Utrechtsche studenten almanak voor ..., 1857, 1857

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The day was unclonded, the sky was serene,

And a gentle breeze fann’d the trees lightly,

As I stood on the beach, where oft I had been,

To take leave of the sun setting brightly.

A gallant-trimm’d ship, with a brave-hearted crew

TV as awaiting the hour of departing,

On masthead the pennon was streaming in view,

Wel-known sign that erelong she’d be starting.

Eull many a young heart was bleeding that day,

As a long and last farewel was utter’d,

And many a lov’d maiden did weep and did pray,

As a touching : »God speed thee!” she mutter’d.

Eut ons maiden I mark’d, from whose soft eyes of blue

Eain’d down, the graat flood of her sorrow,

As she bade her dear mother a tender adieu,

And then thought of her lonely to-morrow.