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Tijdschrift voor Neerland's Indië jrg 19, 1890 (1e deel) [volgno 5]

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this section shall be liable on conviction to a penalty not exceeding five hundred dollars, or to imprisonment with or without hard labour for any period not exceeding six months, or to both.

4. The additional particulars furnished under the preceding section, or notice that such additional particulars have been called for and have not been furnished as required by the said section, and all relevant information received by the Registering-Officer relating to the Society, shall be submitted by the Registering-Officer to the Governor, who shall consider the same in Council; and, after considering such particulars and information and notice, and after such further inquiry as to the Governor in Council may seem proper.

(i) . if it shall appear to the Governor in Council that the Society is not a dangerous Society and that the additional particulars furnished may properly be registered under section three hereof, it shall be lawful for the Governor by Order in Council to authorise the RegisteringOfficer to register such additional particulars accordingly subject to such special conditions and restrictions relating to insignia, banners, paintings, drawings, writings or other articles tendered for registration under the said section three, and subject to such other condititions and restrictions as to the Governor in Council may seem fit: but

(ii) . — if it shall appear to the Governor in Council that the Society is dangerous to the public peace, he may call upon some one or more of the managers or office-bearers there of by notice in writing, to show cause before the Governor in Council at a time and place to be mentioned in the notice, why such society should not be suppressed.

In default of such cause being shewn or if the Governor in Council should, after cause being shewn, consider the said Society dangerous to the public peace, or in the case