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Tijdschrift voor Neerland's Indië jrg 19, 1890 (1e deel) [volgno 5]

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if the defendant shall be succesful in any suit or other proceeding, brought against him at the instance of the Society, and shall be adjudged to recover his costs, he may elect to proceed to recover the same from the officer, in whose name the suit shall be brought or from the Society and in the latter case shall have process against the property of the said Society in the manner above described.

VI. Any member of the Society, who shall steal, purloin or embezzle any money or other property, or willfully and maliciously destroy or injure any property of such Society, or shall forge any deed, bond, security for money receipt, or other instrument, whereby the funds of the Society may be exposed to loss, shall be subject to the same prosecution, and if convicted, shall be liable to be punished in like manner as any person, not a member, would be subject and liable to in respect of the like offence.

VII. Any number not less than three fifth's of the members for the time being resident in the Colony, of any Society, may determine that it shall be dissolved forthwith or at the time then agreed upon, and all necessary steps shall be taken for the disponal and settlement of the property of the Society, its claims and liabilities, according to the rules of the said Society, applicable thereto if any and if not, then as the governing body shall find expediënt, provided that in the event of any dispute arising among the said governing body or the members of the Society, the adjustment of its affairs shall be referred to the suprème Court and the Court shall make such order in the matter as it shall deern requisite. Provided that no Society shall be dissolved, unless three-fifths of the members so resident as aforesaid shall have expressed a wish for such dissolution by their votes delivered in person or by proxy at a general meeting, convened for the purpose.

Passed this 21st day of Pebruary 1889.