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If we can avert war with Qermany for twenty years, we shall nol have to fight the Qermans, but will be fighting alongside of them and the French on the frontiers of Poland. Oraph, No. 2309, 351a.

32. When the subject is made up of / or we and a pronoun of either the "second or third person, or a noun, the ordinary practice is to use will (would) as the auxiliary of the future tense, shall (should) appearing as a rather frequent variant. Will (would) is naturally the regular auxiliary when there is the least tinge of volition (intention) on the part of the speaker, the fulfilment being represented as depending on the pleasure of the other person(s) concerned in the action or state (31, Obs. VI).

i. * Cornet be of good heart! You, and I, and Tib will all see better days.

Wash. Irv., D o 1 f H e y 1. (Stof., H a n d 1., II, 149).

You and 1 will get on excellently well. Dick., Chuz., Ch. V, 3S.

You and I will perform a little business on our private account, id., Nich.

Nick, Ch. IV, 196.

David, you and I will go upstairs. id, C o p, Ch. IV, 29a.

To retrieve his losses, he hit upon the peopling of Fiorida, which thou and

I will see done some day. Kinosley, Westw. Ho! Ch, I, 76.

Perhaps some day you and I h>/7/ go for a walk round the wide earth.

Rudy. Kipl, T h e L i g h t t h a t f a i 1 e d, Ch. IV, 51.

No, Dad; you and I will go off with the wind and the sun, and the trees

and the waters, like Procris in my picture. Galsworthy, Beyond, IV,

Ch. V, 389.

You and I, Gracie, will fight for a decent life for everybody. id, S a i n t's Progress, I, Ch. IV, § 3.

Neither you nor I will be on the deputation. Birmingham, Advent, of Dr. Whitty, Ch. I, 7. ** At last, however, he began to think — as you or I would have thought at first... — ... that the source and secret of this ghostly light might be in the adjoinlng room. Dick, Christin. Car.5, III, 56.

ii. * You and I never shall be as old — as he was in long clothes. Lytton,

My Novel, II, X, Ch. II, 156.

Qood-bye, Carlo... you and I shall never go after the partridges again. Reade, It is never too late to mend, I, Ch. III, 48. T. Now you and I shall never quarrel again. id, A Simpleton, I, Ch. III, 65. ** Emily would always have been a remarkable girl, no doubt; but, without her education you and I should not have been talking about her like this, even if we had known her. Gissing, A Life's Morning, Ch. XIV, 212.

iii. I have sent him a letter that 111 troubie him to attend to, or he and I will fall out. Dick, Cep, Ch. XIV, 1006.

David and I will come down. ib, Ch. VI, 23a.

She must do it... or she and I will quarrel. Trol, F r a m 1. Pars, Ch. XL1II, 422.

You had better not be here to-morrow afternoon, because the Nilghai and I will be in possession. Rudy. Kiplino, The Light that faiied, Ch. X, 131.

Cooper and I will be sorry to lose you. Rich. Baoot, Darneley Place, I, Ch. II, 25.

iv. Comerio and I shall be happy. EdnaLyall, Knight Errant, Ch. XXVII, 251.