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Casks (new empty of aü sorts).

Barrels (herring) and staves adopted to herring-barrels or half barrels. Barrels (empty hening).

Cattle, swine, during August, September, October, November, December, January, February, Maren and April. Copper (blanks).

Earthenware. — Foreign tobacco-pipes, with the marks of „inland manufacture". Fish. — Foreign herrings, either fresh, curèd or salted. Red herrings (foreign).

Paper (foreign) with the names or marks of the manufactories of this country. —N-B. The transit of this article is likewise prohibited.

Spices. — Cloves, mother cloves* dust of spices. — N.B. The transit of cloves and dust of spices is likewise prohibited.

Wood. — Willows fit to make hoops of, ozier hoops (bundies of), dye wood (ground).

Supposing the addition of no other articles than those enumerated to the list of prohibitions inwards, yet theoperation of the new system will be equally to prohibit them all in transit by the rivers passing through this country.

When it fe considered that to these any other articles may be added by which the transit of these will also be prohibited, and the hkelihood, which may arise of this government, either from . mistaken policy or from being urged thereto by its subjects, being induced to lean to the side of prohibition, and with a viewto monopolize markets for its own fabrics, to place iron and hardware or other heavy articles among the number of those prohibited, the great and undue advantage (however in other respects of doubtful pohcy) which might be thus afforde dto the manufacturers of this country and detriment of ours, seems to me to call for the serious and inunediate attention of H. M.'s government.

I had always considered that that part of the act of Congress l). with its several annexes incorporated therewith, which treats of the navigation of rivers passing into or through more than one state, had for its object the entire freedom of commerce; and indeed it seems so expressed in the general context, as also in the

J) Congres van Weenen.