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The present is the time most fitting for acting on this subject, if to be acted upon at all. After the laws for the execution of the new system shall have passed the legislature here, it might be highly embarrassing to this government (even with the best inclinations) to propose others in contradiction to its üriginal propositions.

As the tariff of duties and prohibitions has not yet been arranged, but is at this moment, as I have already observed, under discussion, it would indeed be highly desirable, if H. M.'s government shall be of opinion that any representations should be made to this Court upon the principles they have put forward with respect to the transit trade, that I should be honored with Y. L.'s instructions thereon immediately; if possible, even before the decision and consequent publication shall have taten place here of the details of duties and prohibitons.

No. 48. —1822, Februari ï2. — londonderrY *)' aan clancarty1).

The projet of law (since generally enacted) for the new syStem of finance in the Netherlands1) and the explanatory paper, which

ware transmitted in Y. L.'s dispatches , have been

attentively considered by H. M.'s government.

Without entering into details upon this measure as referable to its interior operation, and which of oourse are foreign to tMs country, there are nevertheless some observations whicbjrelate to the interests of foreign countries, and particularly of Great-Britain, which seem to be called for by <S»fc>measure.

I particularly. allude to the principles laid down, ist upon the subject of duties on foreign articles imported into the Netherlands for internal consumption, 2ly upon the transit trade or passage of foreign goods thro'the Netherlands with an ulterior destinanation.

Upon the firet of these points the maximum of 6 per cent appears to afford a fair protection to the internal manüfacturer of the country, without alltogether preventing articles of a similar

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