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As the Prussian ministers do not concur in these principles — on thé contrary, contend for the right of levying transit duties — I fear that we shall find it very difficult to settle this question, at all events till the reglement shall be agreed to.

• No 53. _ T.822, November 29. — wellington aan


Upon the consultation with the ministers of France and Prussia it appeared to us upon the whole most desirable that we should bring under the consideration of the conference of the ministers of the five powers •) the state of the commerce and navigation of the Rhine, as affected by the internal regulation of the government of the Netherlands. and that I should propose to the conference that the rninisters of the five powers at Brexelles should make a representation to the king of the Netherlands to induce H M. to enter into discussions with the other sovereigns borderingupon the Rhine. with a view to carry into execution the treaty of Vienna upon the commerce and navigation of that river.

This was done accordingly in the conference of the 27*, of which I enclose the protocol.

Memorandum of the navigaton of the Rhine, 27 November 1822.

The plenipotentiary of His Britannic Majestyhasreceivedthe directions of his government to draw the attention of the munsters of the allied governments, assembled at Verona, to the state of the navigation of the Rhine.

According to the 6th article of the treaty of Vienna»), the navigation of that river ought to be entirely tree from the point at which it becomes navigable to its mouth, and the prmciple of the freedom of commerce of the Rhine is adopted not only by that article but in the Annexe, of which the first and every article has obviously the same object in view. (

Notwithstanding this treaty. to which every power in Europe is a party, the governement of the Netherlands have thought pro-

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