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Aftcr the first rejoicing over the birth of the WilsonClemenceau project-treaty grave disappointment arose. Evidently whatever it might be as a safeguard against disturbance of peace in the future, it also organised the permanence of theparamount world-powerof thevictorious Entente. With even this dark side that evidently there was not found a guarantee against discord of the leading powers of this Entente. Indeed just at the moment the draft of the treaty was ready, the American representatives voted an immense increase of their warfleet and the first signs of a rivalry at sea became visible, at least as dangerous as that between the British and German empires, which was orie of the causes,probably more than any other the cause of the actual disaster.

As I have tried to show the way out of the war in the essay I published in the Recueil de Rapports of the central organisation for a durable peace, published bij NyhofFat the Hague, and distributed among the members of the Interparliamentary Union, I will now try to indicate the "toay out of the difficulties which, when unsolved, will surely make the Wilson-Clemenceau treaty a failure. As it stands it will not be generally adopted.

At the very outset I must make the preliminary remark, that it is absolutely impossible to prevent by any international organization every appeal to force. No League of Nations can be more than a guarantee against unnecessary and frivolous use of force. Who