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Delegates, because throughout this instrument we are depending primarily and chiefly upon one great force, and that is the moral force of the public opinion of the world — the cleansing and clarifying and compelling influences of publicity — so that intrigues can no longer have their convents, so that designs that are sinister can at any time be drawn into the open, so that those things that are destroyed by the light may be promptly destroyed by the overwhelming light of a universal expression of the condemnation of the world.

With these considerations everybody can agree, provided that the open and free discussion of international matters and the expression of opinions in order to form the moral influence of a body of men of high standing, ability and experience remains the sole object and aim of the organization and its influence upon the ultimate dcdsions and actions of conflicting parties be left to these parties themselves.

But the delegates will vote. Every State represented, how different may be their physical power and moral influence, will have one vote. Behind the Executive will stand accordingto art. 15 the physical force of the League. Now I may ask: Is there even the least guarantee that in disputed quaestions the 'majority of the Delegates will find an Executive which accepts and is willing to execute the majority's decision ? Also when the physical force of the States of the minority may be superior, even largely superior to that of the States of the majority?

Every man of experience knows that even the best prepared decisions of judicial or parliamentary bodies by majorities may be bad and unjust. But litesfinirioportet and in the ordinary course of judicial and legislative matters.- the minority has to submit not to the decision