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Content aroused among the Roman Catholics through the policy of the Dutch government of the period. But in spite of this opposition the representatives of the Belgian people accepted the present territorial arrangement, as proposed by the Belgian government. And we may be permitted to recall to our readers the utterance of a member of the minority in the session of march 6* 1839, who said in the course of his speech: "The majo"rity are opposed to us, but if Limburg is not joined "on to Belgium, the cause will be the attitude adopted "by three ministers who are Limburg or Luxemburg "men by birth."

Which shows again that Belgium decided on her own account. Moreover, in clause 6 of the Dutch Belgian treaty the two nations reciprocally agreed to renounce "for ever all claims to territories, towns, and "places situated within the borders of the other party's "domain".

It may therefore be justly said that the present situation in Limburg was Consolidated with the full cooperation of Belgium, under the auspices of the Great Powers, led by England, assembled in London.

Thirdly, the question arises how the frontier line of the Dutch territory in Limburg was fixed. This was done by no fortuitous decision. We have already seen that before the creation of the Kingdom of Holland in 1814 there had never been any question of the political unity of Limburg. What is now Dutch Limburg had for two centuries contained important Dutch territories (Maestricht, Valkenburg, Stevensweert and Venlo), as well as several independent principalities, some German territory, and lastly the Ruremonde district which belonged to Austria. When unity was created in 1839 and the ancient territorial claims of the Netherlands were granted priority, it became necessary to round off the old frontiers. The few enclaves, granted to the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815, though they had not belonged to Holland before the revolution, were duly recognized as Dutch in 1839. By way of indemnity for the necessary adjustments