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King of Hedjaz. We shall not refuse to the Holy Trinity what we have granted to Heathens and Moslems.

Clemenceau. If Trinity insists to be heard by the Council of Three its representative may be allowed to speak. (To Jesus:) Please be seated on the chair of our absent fellow member Orlando.

(Somebody knocks.) Come in.

Assistent (enters0 A wireless for President Wilson.

Wilson (opens and rcads:)

A telegram from the New York Times: "Just hear from my friend Northcliffe. Quote. Jesus has come again. Unquote. Have called world conference of theologians for day of his arrival. Main meeting, subject: interpretation of the principle chapters St. John's Revelation. Jesus please first paper. Stop. Tips for debate. Stop. Armageddon — Marne. Stop. Babyion — Berlin. Stop. Antichrist — the Kaiser. Stop. Flight of the woman into the wilderness — deportation of the Armenians. Stop. New Jerusalem — Zionism. Stop. Gog and Magog — Lenin and Trotzki. Stop. Rèturn wire please. Ochs."

What do you think of it, gentlemen? Clemenceau. Wire back, he is off his handle. (The telephone rings.)

Lloyd George (takes off the receiver). Lambeth Palace again. (Annoyed, hangs up the receiver. To Jesus 0 The

Bishop has given orders that upon your departure for England a Bock of Common Prayer and the 39 Articles be presented to you in his name.