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Wilson. I am shocked at your language, Mr. Lloyd George.

Clemenceau. And I am charmed.

Wilson. You will thoroughly discredit my 14 points with your ten commandments.

Lloyd George. Certainly not, if you foliow my advice. Your 14 points will have the best chance to survive Eternity, if you cancel everything they contain and only leave the points. And then, in case the Germans do not sign our conditions, we shall have even more space for my 10 commandments, and you can nevertheless swear that any peace we dictate conforms with your points. (To Jesus:) Have you any other questions?

Jesus. I prefer to put them to the International Socialist Conference in Amsterdam.

Lloyd George. Remember me most kindly to Mr. Henderson.

Clemenceau. I am not quite sure whether we can give you a passport.

Wilson. I can understand that you looked us up here in Paris, as your ideals meet mine; but I beg of you, what do you want in Amsterdam?

Jesus. It may be, that I find men there who are willing to conclude peace on my points.

Lloyd George. Your points?

Clemenceau. Let your trip to Amsterdam go. Mr. Jaurès is dead long ago, and nobody troubles about him.

Lloyd George. Count Tolstoi is gone too. He did

not even wait for the Czar. jesus. Your ally?