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Power to 2.—(1) The Board of Trade may, as and when it appears to them estabüsn local necessary 0r expediënt, establish, or authorise any local authority or committees, authorities to establish, local or other committees, to whom the Board 6 ' may delegate any or all of their powers under this Act in respect of any articles or classes of articles, or sales, except the power of the Board to fix prices; and the effect of any order by a committeè under such delegated powers shall be the same as that of an order of the Board, and this Act shall have effect accordingly.

(2) Subject as aforesaid, the Board may make regulations and give directions as to the constitution, powers, and procedure of committees established under this section, and the districts for which they shall act, which regulations and directions shall have effect as though enacted in this Act:

Provided that—

(a) every regulation so made shall be laid before both Houses

of Parliament as soon as may be after it is made, and, if an address is presented by either House within twenty-one days from the date on which that House has sat next after any such regulation is laid before it praying that the regulation may be annulled, His Majesty in Council may annul the regulation, but without prejudice to the validity of anything previously done thereunder; and

(b) such regulations shall provide that a member of a committeè

established by a local authority shall be disqualified from acting in any case where he is a trade competitor of the person against whom the complaint under investigation has been lodged, and shall provide for a right of appeal by the seller from any order or decision of local committees other than a decision to take proceedings before a court of summary jurisdiction to appeal tribunals appointed by the Board for the purpose, and for the constitution, powers, and procedure of such appeal tribunals, and shall make such provision as appears to the Board necessary for the prevention of frivolous complaints; and

(c) such regulations shall provide for the inclusion of women on

all local committees.

operations of 3.—Without prejudice to the generality of the powers under this trusts, etc. ^e Board of Trade shall obtain from all available sources

information as to the nature, extent, and development of trusts, companies, firms, combinations, agreements, and arrangements connected. with mining, manufactures, trade, commerce, finance, or transport, having for their purpose or effect the regulation of the prices or output of commodities or services produced or rendered in the United Kingdom or imported into the United Kingdom, or the delimitation of markets