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graphy and history. — Optional subjects, any one of the following : Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Modern languages. Doctoral Examination:

Economics, Business organization, Optional subjects, any two of the following: Law, International law, Commercial Geography, Commercial history, Colonial Economics, Chemistry.

A degree of Doctor of Economics and Commerce may be obtained by presenting and defending a dissertation with theses.

Special course of Colonial Commerce and Economics. First examination: as above, with Colonial economics and ethnography, certificate for Malay, knowledge of Commercial goods and Colonial Politics. Supplementary Examination of Accountancy: Administrative organization and accounting in public service or private business, Statistics, Auditing. Training for Consular Service: ■

Examinations passed outsidetheUniversitybeforea special

commission. Special courses of:

Consular law, Dutch commercial treaties.

Economie treatment of commerce, industry, agriculture

and shipping.

International problems of commercial policy and credit. Trade routes of the world.

TEACHING, TERMS, ETC. A division of the academie year in semesters or terms is unknown in Holland. The academie year begins about the 20th of September and lasts until about the ioth ofjuly, with vacations of about 4 weeks at Christmas and 3 weeks at Easter.