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W. Schutter, — Diseases of the nose, throat and ear.

G. Scheltema, — Diseases of children. Lecturers:

S. Keyser, — Radiology.

J. de Haan, — General Biology.

Private Lecturer:

T. A. Venema, — Microbiology.

Faculty of Natural Philosophy (Science)

Ordinary professors '•

H. Haga, — Physics, Meteorology.

C. van Wisselingh, — Pharmacy, Toxicology.

J. F. van Bemmelen, — Zoology, Comparative anatomy

and physiology.

F. M. Jaeger, — Inorganic and Physical Chemistry.

J. H. Bonnema, — Geology and Mineralogy.

J. A. Barrau, — Mathematics.

H. J. Backer, — Organic Chemistry.

J. Wolff, — Mathematics.

J. C. Schoute, — Botany.

F. Zernike, — Theoretical physics. P. J. van Rhijn, — Astronomy. Extraordinary professors:

Miss J. Tammes, — Variability and heredity. Th. Weevers, — Physiology of plants. Lecturer ■

L. M. van den Berg, — Pharmaceutics. Private Lecturers:

G. H. Leopold, — Chemistry of food-stuffs and soil. J. V. Dubsky, — Analytical chemistry.

J. Lifschitz, — Electrochemistry, Photochemistry.