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L. J. van Apeldoorn, — Dutch constitutional history, Encyclopaedia of law.

J. V. van Dijck, — Penal law; Criminology.

W. A. Bonger, — Sociology, Criminology.

Extraordinary professors :

W. H. Nolens, — Labour legislation.

F. A. Molster, — Commercial law and Bankruptcy law.

Ex-professor, invited to deliver a course of lectures:

A. A. H. Struycken. Lecturer '•

L. M.'Rollin Couquerque, — Military criminal law. Private lecturers:

F. S. Meijers, — Forensic psychiatry. J. G. van Dillen, — Economie history.

B. J. F. Steinmetz, — Dutch fiscal law. R, Kuyper, — Marxist theory of society. Faculty of Medicine

Ordinary professors:

R. H. Saltet, — Hygiëne and medical police.

L. Bolk, — Anatomy.

S. Mendes da Costa, — Dermatology.

J. K. A. VVertheim Salomonson, — Nervous diseases, elec-

tro-therapeutics, radiography, etc.

O. Lanz, — Surgery.

P. Ruitinga, — General pathology and pharmacodynamics, internal therapeutics.

W. M. de Vries, — Pathological anatomy and forensic therapeutics.

G. van Rijnberk, — Physiology.

K. Herman Bouman, — Mental disea'ses and neurology. W. P. C. Zeeman, — Ophthalmology.