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Ph. Kohnstamm, — Physics, especially applied thermodynamics.

G. Hondius Boldingh, — Applied chemistry. A. H. W. Aten, — Electro-chemistry. Special professor:

N. H. Swellengrebel (appointed by the Colonial Institute) — Animal parasitism of man in the Dutch East-Indies. Lecturers:

A. Pannekoek, — Higher mathematics, astrophysics. E. H. Büchner, — Inorganic chemistry. J. P. Wibaut, — Örganic chemistry.

J. Temminck Groll, — Analytical chemistry and biochemistry.

R. Weitzenböck, — Theory of numbers, forms and invariants.

Private lecturers:

J. F. van Oss, — Knowledge of products, (oils, fats etc.)

H. C. Redeke, — Hydrobiology and fisheries.

C. J. van der Horst, — Anatomy and systematization of invertebrates.

J. R. Katz, — Biochemistry, enzymology. W. J. A. Schouten, — Statistical astronomy. E. J. van Itallie, — Food stuffs.

Faculty of Letters

Ordinary professors:

J. Six, — Aesthetics, history of art.

K. Kuiper f, — Greek (vacant).

R. C. Boer, — Sanskrit, Germanic languages.

H. Brugrrians, — General history.

H. J. Elhorst, — Hebrew, Israelitic antiquities, Old Testament.