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T. J. de Boer, — Philosophy.

S. R. Steinmetz, — Political geography, general ethnology, ethnology and geography of the East Indian Archipelago. U. Ph. Boissevain, — Ancient history, Roman Antiquities. J. H. Scholte, — German. A. E. H. Swaen, — English. J. Prinsen, — Dutch literature.

F. A. Stoett, — Dutch.

J. J. Salverda de Grave, — French.

A. W. de Groot, — Latin. Extraordinary professor '•

B. Faddegon, — Sanskrit, comparative Indo-European grammar.

Special prof essors •

J. C. van Eerde (appointed by the Colonial Institute), — Colonial ethnology.

Ph. Kohnstamm (appointed by the «Maatschappij tot Nut van't Algemeen*), — Education *)• Lecturers:

W. van der Gaaf, — English language and literature. K. R. Gallas, — Modern French literature. Private lecturers:

Leo Polak,— Epistemology, contemporary dogmatical and critical metaphysics.

M. G. de Boer, — History of the age of Napoleon. Miss J. A. H. Posthumus, — Danish language. H. E. Greve, — Libraries and bibliography.

G. G. Kloeke, — Methodology of the study of dialects. J.de Decker, —Interpretation of the Apologia of Apuleius. K. J. Riemens, — French grammar and lexicology in the ióth and I7th centuries.

R. Guarnieri, — Italian language and literature.

*) See pag. 69.