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Faculty of commerce Ordinary professors '■'

N. W. Posthumus, — Political and economie history. H. Frijda, — Commercial economy. P. A. J. Losecaat Vermeer, — Principles of civil, commercial and bankruptcy-law.

Ph. Kleintjes, — Principles of constitutional law of the Dutch colonies.

J. C. van Eerde, — Colonial Ethnology. S. R. Steinmetz, — Economie Geography.. Th. Limperg, — Business Economy. Lecturers:

W. van Bemmelen, — Physical Geography.

L. van Vuuren, — Descriptive Geography of the Dutch


B. Gonggrijp, — Colonial Economy. UNIVERSITY INSTITUTES AND COLLECTIONS Library: 421 Singel. Librarian: C. P. Burger.

The lijarary includes Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana (Hebraïca and judaica), Conservator: J. M. Hillesum, Evangelical-Lutheran seminary library, Librarian'Prof. H. A. van Bakel.

Joint libraries of the Hygienic laboratory and the Division for tropical hygiëne of the Colonial Institute, 57 Mau ritskade. Librarian: Prof. J. J. van Loghem. Hortus Botanicus, 2 Plantage Middenlaan. Director: Prof. E. Verschaffelt.

Botanico-Anatomical Laboratory and Herbarium,

Hortus Botanicus.

Director: Prof. Th. J. Stomps.