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W. Reinders, — Physical chemistry.

G. van Iterson, — Technical botany.

J. G. Sleeswijk, — Technical hygienics.

F. E. C. Scheffer, — Inorganic chemistry.

A. J. Kluyver, — Microbiology and bacteriology.

H. I. Waterman, — Chemical technology.

A. M. A. A. Steger, — Technology of oils and fats.

G. A. Brender a Brandis, — Technology of fuels.

Section of Mining

G. A. F. Molengraaff, — Geology.

S. J. Vermaes, — Metallurgy and docimasy.

J. A. Grutterink, — Crystallography, mineralogy and petro-


W. A. Knol, — Mining.

R. W. van der Veen, — Ores and ore-deposits.

H. A. Brouwer, — Historical geology and palaeontology. J. de Koning Knijff, — Mining, mine-mapping and surveying.

Lecturers '■

E. J. Bruins, — Drawing,

H. C. Volkers, — Physics.

C. J. Marcus, — Dressing of wounds.

J. G. Berck, — Testing of Standard weights and measures.

A. van der Lee, — Architecture.

W. Bettink, — Architecture.

J. H. G. P. de Rouw, — Architecture.

G. H. W. van Aken, — Mechanical engineering.

J. Kamermans, — Mechanical engineering.

C. Thoms, — Mechanical engineering.

J. van den Berg, — Analytical chemistry.

G. Meyer, — Inorganic chemistry.