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Private lecturers:

Omit: L. Heijermans, — Professional diseases and professional poisoning, social hygiëne, p. 68. Add: D. van Capellen, — Urology.

J. B. Polak, — Diseases of the heart. M. W. Woerdeman, — Histiblogy and histiöge0ii BeÜM.' :'

J. C. L. Godefroy, — Psycho-pathology. J. Sanders, — Hygienics.

Faculty of Natural Philosophy (Science)

Ordinary professors:

Omit: E. Verschaffeit, — Physiology of plants and

pharmacognosy. Add: Roland Weitzenböck, — Theory of numbers, forms

and invariants. Extraordinary professors: Omit: Max Weber, — Zoology.

p. 69. Special professors: (appointed by the Colonial Institute) Add: E. C. Abendanon, — Colonial mineralogy. Lecturers:

Omit: R. Weitzenböck, — Theory of numbers, forms

and invariants. Private lecturers:

Add: C. E. B. Bremekamp, — Kinetics of plants. Faculty of Letters Ordinary professors:

For: K. Kuiperf, — Greek (vacant) read: W. E. J. Kuiper, — Greek. p. 70. Add: N. W. Posthumus, — Political and economie history.