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expertiseering: de goederen aan e.

onderwerpen: to submit the goods

for survey. exploit: writ. — iemand een e. betee-

kenen: to serve a writ upon a


exploitatie: in e. zyn: to be in operation; to be working, — e. van een mijn: exploitation of a mine. — een spoorlijn in e. brengen: to open a railway line. — e.-cijfers: working figures. — e. kosten: working expen-

. diture; working expenses; operating expenditure. — e.-rekening: revenue account. — e.-winst: working profits.

exploiteeren: to work: to exploit. — een zaak e.: to conduct a business.

exploot: zie exploit.

export: export. — e. blad: export journal. — e. bonificatie: bonification. — e. firma (= c. huis): export firm; shipping house; shipping-firm; (firm of) shippers. — e. handel: export trade. — e. kantoor: shipping office. — e. zaak = e. firma.

exporteeren: to export.

exporteur: cxporter.

exposant: exhibitor.

expositie: exhibition. — onze e.: our stand.

expresse bestelling: express delivery. extra: extra *; special. — e. contant:

prompt cash. — e. dividend: bonus.

— e. goedgewicht: tret. — e. tarra:

super tare. — e. zekerheid: collater-

al security.


fabelachtige pry's: famine price.

fabricaat, etc.: zie: fabrikaat, etc.

fabriceeren: to manufacture; to produce; to make; to turn out.

fabriek: (manu)factory; works. — af f. : free * on truck factory. — f.sarbeider: (factory-)hand; -operative; -worker. — f.sarbeidster: factory-woman; factory-^irl. — f.sgebouw: (manu)factory; establishment. — f.sinrichting: factory organisation. — f.smerk: trade mark; (manufacturer's) i mark. — f.sprijs: factory-price; makers' price; cost price. — f.sstad: factory town. — f.sstreek: manufacturing district. — f.swezen: factory system.

fabrikaat: manufacture; product} production; make; article (fabric = textile fabric = woven material).

fabrikage: manufacture; production.

fabrikant: manufacturer; mill-owner; maker. 1

faciliteiten: facilities.

facsimile: facsimile.

factoor: factor.

factor: factor.

factorij: factory; trading-station, factureeren: to invoice *. facturist: invoice-olerk. factuur: invoice *; bill of parcels. —

consulaire f.: consular invoice. — f. over: invoice of. — dertig agen dato f.: thirty days from date of invoice. — /. boek: invoice book. — f. ordner: Guard invoice book. — f. prijs: invoice-price. — onder den f.prijs verkoopen: to sell at a loss on the invoice. — /. waarde: invoice value.

failleeren: to fail; to become a bankrupt.

failliet: bankrupt. — /. gaan: to fail; to become (= to turn) bankrupt. — f. zijn: to be a bankrupt; to have one's name in the Gazette. — /. verklaard worden: to be adjudicated (= declared = adjudged) bankrupt. — de f.: the bankrupt. — /. verklaring: adjudication; adjudication order; adjudication in bankruptcy. — de f. verklaring voorkomen: to prevent a bankruptcy. faillissement: bankruptcy; failure; smash. — zijn f. aanvragen: to file a petition in bankruptcy. — bij een f. betrokken zijn: to be involved in a bankruptcy. — het eene f. sleept het andere na zich: one failure involves another. — een f. beëindigen: to terminate the bankruptcy proceedings. — f.skosten: the costs of the