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for the covenant, and, on that interest, will carry that whole kingdom before them"; — bil. 491, 493, 624, 631, 641, 554, 557, 571, 694, berichten van Richard Browne te Aldborough, over de bewegingen der Holl. vloot; — bil. 491, 498, 505, 515, 535, 554, 572, 577, 585, 596, berichten van luitenant Edward Suckley, Landguard Point Fort, terzelfder zake (585 en 696 over den tweedaagschen zeeslag; 585: „the Blue squadron engaged the Zealand squadron and totally routed them, but are still in chase, hoping to bring them into that harbour;" — 596: „his last gave too great applause to the Blue; they behaved themselyes very oowardly, running before the enemy half the day, so that Major Holmes fired several guns to induce Sir Jeremy Smith to bear up to them, and soon after the Zealand squadron ran and got home, but had they been chased as they ought, every ship had been lost... The White squadron made the squadron that fought against her run in four hours; the Red fought very bravely, and had the Blue fought as well, the business would have been done"); — blL 492, 504, 542, 565, 586, John Carlisle te Dover, over de kustverdediging tegen de Holl. vloot (586 (7 Aug.) over een bezoek aan de Eng. vloot voor de Maas, na den 2-d. zeeslag; „the Resolution burnt, and the Rear-Admiral of the White missing, are the only ships lost; nine Holland ships were blown up, and many more sunk; 30 of the Blue squadron engaged 30 of the Zealand fleet; they fought well on both sides, and parted, but the loss is not. known.,,, The fleet will not leave the Holland coast so long as their provisions last"); — bl. 502, 508, 518, 535, 545, 562, 572, 585, 592, 594, Süas Taylor, magazijnmeester te Harwich: berichten over de Holl. vloot, en over den 2-d. zeeslag (585 (7 Aug.): „Sir Jeremy Smith, with the Blue, engaged the Zealand squadron some time after the others, losing sight, in the night of some ships that had assisted them; the Zealanders were increased by seven or eight ships cut off from the main squadron and forced to join theirs, but hearing probably what game the others had played, they crowded sail and stood for the coast of Zealand; Sir Jeremy was up with them at 8 p. m., but would not engage at night, and the Dutch got close to the coast and escaped"); — bil. 618, 578, WilUam Waynfleet, te Southwold, over het belang dier positie, en over den 2-d. zeeslag (518: „Southwold being an island environed with salt water, might be made the strongest in those parts; . . . it is the nearest town in England to Holland, and the best bay; " — 578 (4 Aug.) „At 9. a. m. 26 sail of the Blue squadron were with 24 of the Dutch, wind N. E.... The officers of the Blue were well, but the Resolution was burned by an English and Dutch fire-ship together, whilst interposing bewteen a fire-ship and the rear-admiral of the Blue; seven ships were going to the fleet, supposed to carry 1000 men from Yarmouth Roads"); — bL 691, Richard Bower te Yarmouth (9 Aug.): „the Zealanders were engaged with the Blue squadron Wednesday and most of Thursday, but at length the Zealanders ran; the Dutch fleet escaped to the Weelings and Goree; only hears of six ships lost by them. .. The Huil fleet has sailed from Yarmouth to London without convoy."

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