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twenty Saile joi the King of Denmarke ships rideing at anchor before Copenhaven; that the East India ships are to stay till the fleete of men of warre come to conveye them. Captain Saunders in the Rubye has taken a gallyote that came from Greenland which had spoke a pylott boate since he came upon the Coaste, that told him there were thirty saile of men of warre at the Flye readye to saile, and ten at the Texell. more makeing readye; this is ten dayes sence.

Yesternight the Successe spoke fowre Sweedes and one of them come from the Sound, which told him that the five East India ships are at Copenhaven and that they unlaid theire goods there, and that some is to be sent home in small vessells, other some disposed there. And that there are fowre East India ships more at Bergen with some other ships.

Here is inclosed the examinacion of the master of the busse that the Centurion tooke, and some Dutch letters1).

Our friggat was close in with the Flye the 51*, and there hath heene noe weather to goe in with the shore, sence indeed we had much to doe to keepe off the shore, and it is a great mercye the winds have beene variable. I am afraid if we had beene foresta) to an anchor, it would have gone ill with some of us; they were in with the Texell allsoe that daye see 25 or 27 saile of men of warr ride where De White rid two or three dayes before the last ingagement. This daye pretty eleare see the Texell laye, driveing in sight thereof most parte of tbe daye, gettiug our ships together which were to the leeward; at three in the afternoone stood off with an easye saile, the winde North West and by West.

This daye called the officers together where severall things were considered and debated, the results whereupon is here inclosed 1). by which your Honour will know our present condition and motion; there are many complaints and severall ships have received damage sence wee come on this Coaste: fowre in masts, some in huil, some there sailes blowne away. The Tygar hath moste of a suite of sailes splitt to peices; this daye to make the victory the worse the Dolphine Merchant shipp came thwart her house, has broake her head and sprung her Bowspritt.

Yesternight I sent the Rubye and Pellican to plye to the Northeastward to looke for the rest of the ships and frigats to lett them knowe that God willing wee intended to be ten leagues West of the Texell the 9tn instant, according to instructions, in order to conjunction with your Honour, and this night I have ordered the Tygar to plye in that station to acquaint all shee meets with all of our motion. The

1) Niet aanwezig.

2) Forced.