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against the spring, and those of Frise complaine also in like manner; but yett they and Groningen are equipping 9 for their quota of the 72, but not yett building any for want of money, and there hath bin a disorder among the seamen of their 2 ships being part of the 18 that were to have gone to the Weylingen, for that they would not goe to ride there this winter. Those of Zeiand have also againe earnestly pressed the immediate giveing out letters of mart; whereupon great debate hath bin eoncerning this matter in the Estates Generall, both on Satturday last and yesterday, but those of Holland have as yett a little difficulted the giveing them out: they would faine have certainty that his Majesty had first given them out, or else expect the further order of the Estates of Holland which are now coming and will be compleat tomorrow or next day. Here are many reportes about Bancker who is gone from the Weylingen to sea with 4 or 5 men of warre, some say toward the Sound to trye what he can cetch of your ship provisions, and others say to the North of England. The admiralties doe use all possible industry and care in the choice of their captaines and other officers for their ships, and to ingage them to the utmost both by promises and threates to demeane themselves valiantly. Zeiand having made a lieutenant admirall it is conceived that it will come iuto consideration this assembly of Holland about having one in the place of Obdam in case his indispositiön will not permit him to goe to sea in person, for that Everson being lieutenant admirall of Zeiand will not be commanded by any of Holland that should be of a less degree, and Holland will uot be content to tett the cheife command of the Fleet be in any but a Hollander.


En la lettre que je me suis donné 1'honneur d'escrire a V. M. le 13 de ce mois, je disois que cet Estat offrit a 1'Angleterre la liberté du eommerce dans les Indes, et de réduire leurs vaisseaux de guerre a un certain nombre; mais ceux qui 1'ont entendu ainsy de la bouche de M. de Wit se sont trompés, paree que j'ay sceu certainement que ce sont les Anglois qui font ces demandes, et que l'on est bien esloigné icy de les leur accorder. Au contraire les Provinces intéressées au eommerce, et toutes les autres qui aiment la réputation de l'Estat, protesteut, qu'elles hasarderont tout plustót que de consentir a cette bassesse. Pour ce qui est dü chancelier, il est vray qu'on luy a offert une bonne somme d'argent, et il ne faut pas douter que si l'on pouvoit acheter une paix bien asseurée et dnrable, que l'on ne la payast au prix qu'on la voudroit mettre.

Bien que les Etats d'Hollande, dont 1'assemblée n'est compléte que depuis hier, n'ayent encore rien resolu, j'ai sceu pourtant de quelques-

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