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rour to take all English shipping at the Caribees Islands, but if possible to land in some places to make waste and burne, and from thence away to the Northward, and atnong other exploites there to indeavour to retake New Netherland. Mons. Copes the Elector of Brandenburgh's Resident hath yesterday given in a memoriall to the Estates Generall complaining of the business of the seizing of my lord Morpeth 1). There are 4 men of warre gone againe out of Zeiand to sea, as it is said to look after 2 of his Majestie's men of warre which are said to have bin seen neer the Coast. The Resident of this country att Coppenhagen hath written that the King of Denemarke had writt to his Ma.4i* to perswade him to a composure of matters, and to the Preneh King to know his inclinations and intentions in relation to those matters. The East India actions are tallen att Amsterdam to 407. There is one of Amsterdam hath gott an Octroy or pattent from the Estates Generall for the d iscovering of the Northwest passage, and he and his company intend to sett out 2 or 3 small vessells this yeare for that effect. They intend here to squeeze two millions of Gilders ont of the East India Company, for the carrying on the warre *).

I pray lett me know how farre the King was 'ingaged in the business of Cape Corse and New Netherland, whether he did give order for the taking of them, or only suffer the Duke of Yorke and Royall Company to take them, for I thinke that the King should be as little owned therein as possible. And I pray how farre did the King himselfe as to these matters satisfye van Gogh.

Pray let me know when hi3 Majestie intends to send a friggatt to carry me and my family over, that I may prepare accordingly; a fifth rate friggat will be best, and I must have her name, that I may demand before hand a passé from the States Generall for her safe coming and going.

104. VAN RUYVEN AAN WILLIAMSON, 20 Jan. 1666 »).

M. le chevallier Downing a, avec tres-grande raison, hautement fulminé contre quelques particuliers de la regence a cause qu'ils ont envoyé par surprise du corps de L. H. P. le vice amiral Ruyter en la Guinée, et qu'il a été tenu par eux si secretement que quand on leur a demandé ce qu'il en étoit de la verité, ils Pont reeellé jusqu'a ce que les nouvelles des exploits de de Ruyter sont arrivées a la Haye, ce quy a causé que 1'astuce de leur part est descovert, mais Pon a donné a connoitre a tous les ministres de tous les potentats étrangers

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