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Think you to dawle our men, or weary them ? Or dreame you of, Cunctttndo restibait remt Create new Admiralls: draw out of th' pump Auother Ruyter or a new Van Trump. Your Dordrecht Synod did define aright Th*t*men have no free will, that is to fight: I wonder therefor they should add and say, There's no such thing as falling quite away. Up up you leaden heeld Callipedes, As Bumas in a cause, so you ith Seas. But when you come I doubt not but you'1 see As London is, so Roiall York shall be.


I see not what your force can do to Pen

In th' Roiall Charles with' all your ships and men.

Know that the sturdy famous Roiall Oalce

Peares not your artificiaH thunder «troke.

But if she should miscarry, we could feil

(If it were lawfull) more at Boscobel.

Th' Oid James a man of peace before, if farr

Or much provokt you'1 finde a man of warr.

The Swiflsure 'hath with you no paralell:

Whether your slow meane sure 1 canuot teil.

St. George is mounted\ let the dragon truck]e,

His garter sure will teach you all to buckle.

Fairfax can fight. The Mary hath her Ave.

Gloster was never taken. Th Plimmouth will brave y

The Leopard is feirce. Th' Yarmouth may

Pish on for herings, and so finde you play.

Th' Dow's a towne and castle, and tbough here

It may, with you it finds no Peere.

Th' Happy Returne will make another to us.

Our Convertine we hope will not undo us.

The Bristol needs must throw you, here's the lock

Bristol hath with it still St. Vincents rock.

The Portsmouth'ê strong and sure enough: as soone

Your shot shall reach her, as it can the moon.

So firme the Diamond is, that if you fight her

You cannot breake her but you'1 make her brighter.

Thinke you the Anielope at last to suck?

If th' Bonadventure's yours, you have good luck.

Th' Ginny'B too hot for you, nor we'1 allow