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the oppertunity of a very important service either upon de Ruyter or the Dutch East India fleete which are also suddenly expected.

When you sayle you are to send mee notice what shipps you carry with you, and when you shall bee at sea, and most especially when you shalbee" arrived at the station herein mencioned, or any other which upon further consideration you shall choose; you are to give mee notice by the next post, over land, especially by Burlington, which you shall cause to bee lodged with some carefull person, notice of your motion to bee communicated to such of His Majesties shipps as shall come thither to enquire after you. And you are likewise to send a good sayling ketch to Southwold Bay, to give notice to such part of His Majesties fleete, as shalbee found there, of your motion, to the end that, if it shall bee thought fitt to send any more shipps to joyne with you they may by the intelligence they receive from you bee enabled to guide themselves for the effecting of it. In case you shall meete with the Dutch fleete, or any certaine intelligence of them, and that you shall finde that they goe towards Norway, you shall follow them as farr as you shalbee able, in consideration of your vietualls and the security of His Majesties shipps, and though they should goe in to any harbour belonging to the King of Denmarke in those parts, if you finde you are able to take or destroy them, or any considerable part of them, within those harbours, you are not to neglect the oppertunity of doeing it.

Given under my hand on board the Royall Charles this 121* of July 1665.


And lower James. By command of his R. Highness William Covbntey.

17Ó. „LORD SANDWICH's NARRATIVE," 11 Juli—12 Oct. 1665 'J.

July the 11* I had the honour to attend upon the King and Duke aboard the Royall Charles, at the Buoy of the Nore, where (upon intelligence from Ireland of de Ruyters returne) I found his Majesty desireous to hasten away 3ome shipps to intereept him, before hee might reach Holland; and my selfe valued too much to bee intrusted with a great share if not the entire conduct of the whole fleete; which appointment that I might serve I caused my shipp the Prince, then much out of condicion of sayling, to be fitted, with extraordinary expedicioü, in two daies time ready to sayle.

In the meane time I was necessitated, for the putting in order

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