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and if de Ruyter come in in time it will be very considerable because be hatb two vice admiralls; some of the best captaines bybimandin summe wee sball hazard one battle more, wee having at Texel 80 shipps ready besides in the Vly, Maes and Zeiand.

Tromp iS at present in the Hague, to advise for the making of new captaines. When that is done, wee shall be in a posture ior the sea, soe that if your fleet come here, or to the Northward, they will presently bee followed.

It would not be beaten into mens heads here that the Duke of Yorke was alive, because noe man writt that they had seene him but yourselfe, which they would not beleeve, and a great deale of money was wagered upon it, of which I have gotten some.

This weeke arived in the Fly a Zelands caper with a suger prize who saith he had taken 5 shipps of which he had sent 3 away before and burnt one because he had not men for her. He reports that he left 20 capers about the westerne Islands, by whom your merchants are like to receive great losse.

172. DOWNING AAN ARLINGTON, 17 Juli 1665 •§

The Estates have no letters from de Ruyter from Newfoundland and so have no other knowledge of what' done by him there but what from England, their last from him being from Martinica, from whence he wrote two letters to them, and in one of them is mencioned that he had taken Anamaboa and Gormantine, and that he did intend to bring the generall of the English (as he stiles him), prisoner with him hither, but for Capo Corco, that the natives sideing with the English he had not bin able to take it, and for the rest of his prisoners, he sett a great many of them on shoare at Martinica, and he did. certainly write in one of the said letters that he intended to be here some time in July, and this is all the Estates themselves knew of him, and Galliotts lye still about Holland to advertise all ships that are comeing this way, and they make no question but that they will meet with him, and the Estates here and the directors of the West India Company doe not doubt but that Valckenberg is at worke with the natives about Capo Corco to draw them off from the English for money, whereby and by force to gaine that place, and they speake very confidently of it, and you may be assured that the said Valckenberg will spare no cost nor indeavonrs therein, so that it doth concerne the Royall Company to thinke without delay what they will doe for the preservation

1) R. O., Holland 177. — Uit den Haag.