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thereof; they know well how fickle the natives are, and if they should loose that place their trade in those parts is gone; on the contrary, keeping it beside the trade thereof, they will thereby be easily able to recover the rest. I had yesterday a conference with the deputies of the Estates Generall concerning the releaseing of prisoners; I told them that I was ready to agree for the delivery to them of a like number of equal quality, for as many of his Majesties subjets as were prisoners in this country, but they pressed very much for a generall release of all theirs at once, pretending that they could not so well piek and chuse, to which I replyed that if they had as many of His Majesties subjects prisoners as His Majestie had of theirs, they might have them all released at once, but if not, that the question would be only whether it would not be better for them to release a part than none at all, for that I had no orders for any other way of exchange, but man for man, a/id that if they did desire any other ground .or rule to proceede upon, that it must be first by them proposed and then agreed. by His Majestie; whereupon they said that they would make report to their superiors. That which they drive at I pereeive is to exchange for money such as they have not men to give for, which is a thing that for my own part I can in no wise advice should be consented to, men being the cheife want here withall. Whereas I had complain'd to some of them in particulair that His Majesty's subjects that are prisoners were so thronged up together and withall that their friends were not suffered to come into the prisons to see them, they told me that they had written about it and that they had received an answere concerning the same from the admiralty of Amsterdam, whereby orders are taken in those two particulars, and withall makeing complaints of some sort of ill traittement of theirs in England, concerning the particulars whereof I referre you to a copy of the letter of the said admiralty given me by the said Deputies which I have sent inclosed to Mr. Secretary Morice; it seemes that in the Charity they tooke captaine Wilkinson's instructions, for they have turned them in to Dutch and printed them; and as to the article concerning the strikeing of the flagge they have printed it in a different caractar from all the rest and espetially upon the account of how farre His Majestie therein pretends to be his Seas, viz. as farre as Cape Finisterre.

It would be very good that something were drawne up of the cruelties and inhumanities exereised by de Ruyter or any of his people at Newfoundland, and that I had it as soon as possible, and I shall cause it to be turn'd into French and Dutch and finde a way to have it printed and published; I pray also lett me know what newes the ships arrived from the East Indies bring concerning the restoring of Polaroone. Execution being done at the Texell according to what I wrote in my last, de Witt and the rest of the Deputies came thence