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sented by the Provinces extraordinary above all ordinary incomes towards the carrying on of this warre, and yet the Councell of State is ready to call for more money, and yet in Leyden, Amsterdam, and other principall Townes of Holland they have not begun as yet to levye their new chimney money of 2 gilders per chimney, had they had the better on it in the last fight it had bin all levyed ere now, but having had such a defeate and the people thereby out of hopes of trade, they dare not now touch upon that string, and in what a condition will they then be if they come to be beaten againe? And a very greate partie of sober and substantiall [men do begin daily more and more to lay ttiese things to heart, who till now, let all run on at its adventure, making no account of the King or of his being able to do anything against them, and some of them have beene with de Witt, since his coming hither from the Texell *) and and have dealt very plainely with him, but he laughs at all, and flyes above the skies, and that they must rather perish than yield an ace to the King, and as if assured a victory if ever they come to fight againe, when they will have their shipps better manned and supernumerary officers in all their greate ships, and that had he bin in the last fight it had without doubt not gone as it did, and presses still with all vehemency that he and some other Deputies of the Estates may go out with this fleete, and it is thought he will goe, and for the making it ready, all imaginable industry is used; the ships in the Texel and iu the Ylye are all ready, so are those in the Maes and Zeiand, the onely want is men which they are getting every day, and the marine soldiers are still dayly expediting from all parts to the ships; yesterday some more were sent from home, but they murmured and said they would have their pay first, and shew'd a great unwillingnesse to go, insomuch that they were faine to fetch souldiers from the Guard, to compell them away, and as they were going, one of them being asked by a friend whether they were going, he said to the shambles. One that went lately from these parts with 20 marine men brought but 4 of them thither, the other 16 ran away. The building of their 48 new men of warre is carryed on with great earnestnesse now that de Witt hath prevailed to have that worke not to lye in the hands of the admiralties *), but that he and other deputies have the making of all the agreements, and they do make a firme account to have the whole number compleately built by Aprill next, the first 24 are already exceeding farre advanced, and they say that above the halfe of them will be much better ships

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