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well as others are obliged to pay) it will cost 4 stivers here, and come is cheaper in England then here without the excise, and then there is above 2d sterl. of exise upon the quantity of every English bushell; moreover the barrell of good English beere such as is fitt for any honest man to drinke, costs with the excise but 6*. 6d. in England, whereas a tuune of beere of the like goodnesse will cost in Holland 8S. and excise 4". and some what more, and the Holland tunne is 4 Englisch gallons lesse then the English barrell.

That none are permitted to come to them, but onely betweene the honres of 8 and 9 in the morning; that it would be very convenient and but reasonable that there were at least one houre in the afternoone also for visiting them.

That whereas the admiralties letter saith that they had given liberty for an English minister for to come to them to pray and preach to them, that so it is that the said admiralty had not left to him the said envoy nor to the said prisoners nor to the English church at Amsterdam to make choice of the person, but had imposed a person upon them, and one that is altogether disagreable unto them; that when His Majesty had given leave for a minister to come to the Dutch prisoners in England and that he had given liberty that the Dutch ambassadors chaplaine should be the man and not imposed a man upon them, and whereas the said admiralty saith that he was an Englishman, that I was inform'd that he is a German, and the truth is, they have appointed that he should come to preach to them every Wednesday in the afternoone, which is the time that they observe throughout all this country to pray for victory against His Majesty, and the said minister doth in his prayer pray for the successe of this country against His Majesty, so that this is a strange peece of Courtesie to suffer such a man to come among the seamen to poison them, and I did desire that order might be taken that the prisoners might be lodg'd more at large; that such allowance as the Estates gives them may be paid them in money and they have the free disposition of it, that an houre's time might be given in the afternoone as well as in the morning for the visiting of them, that a minister be not imposed upon them, but that it be left to me or to the said prisoners or to the church at Amsterdam to make choice of one, acquainting the said admiralty therewith and they approving of him. And having thus run over the particulars of the foresaid letter of the admiralty of Amsterdam, I told them that I had yet some further particulars to complaine of, as:

That the captaine of a little private man of warre of 2 guns belonging to Dover, whose name I thought was Garnard, having bin taken and brought to Amsterdam, and had his left thumme shot off and bis right arme shot through, and that yet he is kept among the